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September 16th, 2009 at 6:50 pm

Top 4 mistakes hiring new programmers

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The human factor is the most important element for the successful completion of software projects, hiring the wrong candidate is among the highest costs for the project. Keep in mind the following four mistakes when hiring to make sure you are taking the right decisions.

1.- Only ask specific technical/non technical questions

This is one of the most common mistakes I’ve seen interviewing candidates, there are companies that even rely on a standard multiple choice test to evaluate them. Only asking specific questions is plain wrong for three different reasons.

  1. If the candidate doesn’t know the answer of a particular question, it doesn’t mean anything, maybe he has forgotten the answer, maybe he has never work in that particular area…
  2. Typical specific questions are usually googled by everyday programmers, and that’s completely fine, why do you expect your candidate to memorize them?
  3. Specific questions don’t show at all how good the candidate reading, designing and writting code is, and that’s the purpose of the interview.

I’ve heard many times people arguing that tests are good because they help to make the selection process objective and easy, but that’s like looking for a wife/husband using tests because is objective and easy.

2.- Plainly believe that the candidate is always telling the truth.

Is common for people that has just started interviewing candidates to plainly believe the candidate, keep in mind that there are people who is pretty good at doing interviews and knows how to sound impressive, try always to get the candidate to explain details of the experience and projects he/she claims to have developed and get him to talk in specific terms of his choice rather than explaining them in general, high level topics.

3.- Hire a programmer just because the estimated time for the selection process is over.

You have to fill two positions and the estimated time for the selection process is over, If none of the candidates have fully convinced you, don’t hire anyone, is better to have an empty position than the wrong person.

4.- Not asking the candidate to do some code.

You are hiring a guy to code, don’t forget that, you don’t hire him because he is a convincing speaker, or because he has a PHD, never let him/her go away without testing his/her real coding skills, read this article to get a few ideas on how to check the coding skills of the candidate.