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November 21st, 2009 at 12:01 pm

TDD is not about testing!!!

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Lots of people confuse “test first methodologies” with TDD, it is very common to listen comments like “TDD is just about writing your tests first”, which are completely wrong, these kind of affirmations are not describing TDD at all, they are talking about test first development.

The main reason for confusing TDD and test first development is its own name: “test driven development”. If someone that doesn’t know about TDD would had to guess based on the name what TDD is, would probably guess that is just a test first methodology. But is not!

TDD as invented by Kent Beck, (who also invented Xtreme programming and Junit), goes beyond that. In the core of TDD there is a process to follow, which makes it already different from a simple test first approach.


Image source: Wikipedia

This is also known as red (make your test fail), green (make it pass) and refactor . Where this may be seen as a small difference from a test first approach, if combined with some other agile engineering practices and development philosophies, makes TDD quite different from any other test first approach, it actually switches the focus from testing to design.

TDD is a design practice, is more related with emergent design than with testing. TDD looses much of its potential if it is not combined with other agile engineering practices, or agile philosophies as YAGNI and KISS, in TDD having a large set of tests is a nice side effect, not just its purpose.

To know if you are doing TDD the right way, look at your code, TDD code should look simple and lean, TDD also usually generates more testing code than production code, and you should feel that it helps you to design your code.

So, next time you say you are doing TDD make sure you don’t mean that you are doing test first development.